Will high idle temps harm my pc?

My new build is currently hovering around 35-40 degrees with no load, and up to 85 when uneer 100%. Will these temps affect my cpu negatively, like shorten its lifespan or open to a host of other problems down the line?

i5 3570k, stock cooler, cooler master elite 120 case
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  1. Heat shortens the life of electronics. 40 degrees idle and 85 load is quite warm indeed. I'd invest in a cooler. The Evo 212 is usually only about 30 bucks, and works great.

    As an added benefit, it will be quieter as well.
  2. That actuall sounds fairly resonable for the stock cooler. I just did some testing last night and idle at 30 and get as high as 65 under prime95 load with an Evo. You're definitely warm but the stock cooler should be "good enough."

    If you are going to overclock much at all (will want to at some point since you have a K), would get a least a cheap air cooler.
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