Help! in game 3 fps video card problem!

Hello everyone....
i Buy a nvidea 8400gs video card yah i now is obsolete and all that stuff but i want it to play fps fre to play games so i wan it to play crossfire is a very popular game around the world...
but let me tell you the story..
i buy the 8400gs and i install in the desktop pc
here are the specs

Windows vista

1.5 gb of ram

160 gb harddrive

and the and a 250w psu

and a intel 1.60 ghz processor

i installed the videocard all the drivers and all thats in the first day the game was rinnugn fast and smooth 40 to 120 fps but i get a surpirse today.. the game was running very slow..
and when i enter to play a match i did have 3 fps wtf! :pfff:
that same day a install the ram he did have 1 slot so she did have 2 of 512mb and i did mix one of 512 mb and the other of 1 gb but i font think wat is the problem exactly i already reedownload the game here is the website of system requeriments

and i reenstall the video card drivers stills the same some help please! :sweat:
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  1. That computer in itself is pretty slow, but it should be able to manage a game with that low of settings.

    Is the RAM the same speed?
  2. is my cousin pc i didint really tell him but i am going to se wat wrong
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