Monitor onl has VGA, Grpahics card has DVI, HDMI and display port

I recently received a new graphics card from a friend, here is a link to it

The problem that I have come across is that my monitor only has a VGA/D-Sub port on it and the new graphics card has HDMI, DVI(24+1 pin) and a display port. I have been looking around for some sort of adapter and have come up empty so far and asking here looks like my last resort. Is it possible to use my VGA monitor with this graphics card?

Apologies if this is in the wrong section. Thanks for your time.
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  1. I think that is a 24+5 dvi adapter. I have a 24+1 on my graphics card.
  2. It was just an example to show you they exist.

    This one is a 24+1 ;
  3. only $1,84, that's nothing !

    Or somewhere here, i assume you can look for yourself, it ain't higher rocket science.
  4. I don't know, I heard going from vga(analog) to dvi-d dual link is impossible.
  5. You heard wrong then.
    Maybe they meant the other way round. A gpu with a analog output to a monitor with dvi input or something.
    My son uses an adapter like that and it's working fine. gpu 6870 dvi out ->adapter-> vga input monitor.

    What monitor do you have btw ? Lcd i assume ? Not a prehistoric one with the glass screen ?
  6. No he did not hear wrong. It is impossible going from DVI-D to VGA through a simple adapter. Your son must have DVI-I slot on his graphics card, not DVI-D.

    As for the OP: if you don't want to change the monitor, you'll need an active adapter. Those are costly, and depending on the monitor you have, they might not be worth it (when you can get a new monitor for $150)...
  7. Ok then, second time you prove me wrong :??: Meh ! :(

    Why do those adapters exist then ?

    I specifically looked for the DVI-D dual link to vga.
  8. I don't really know, but if you read the review on any of those sites about the adapter, you'll see that people who bought it couldn't make it work. The reason for this is that DVI-D slot doesn't transmit analog signal, which is needed for VGA output. You need a converter which converts the digital signal to analog one.
  9. Ok, thanks for that info. Every day you learn more . . .

    I figured that if such an adapter exists that it would be possible, why make such a thing in the first place then anyway ? Probably stupid to have so much faith in our loved manufacturers.

    Think i shut up for now and gonna sit in a corner and sulk for a while, hate giving wrong info. :( ( specially two days in a row )
  10. Don't feel bad, we all make mistakes ;).
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