My specs.

Good day to you fellow forumer/s. I may be new with posting but I've been with the forum for along time now.

I have a lot of question and I'm quite not sure where to post this thread, I hope I'm at the right place. :ange:

Question 1 - Answered. Thank you so much IntelEnthusiast and correon.

Question 2 - As written below I am going to upgrade my Video card and Ram. Next week friday will be the day and I will have the budget for the
ram. But for the video card, it would depend if I could sell my old gpu to my friend who is interested and I will hold the ram for the meantime.

Now another question, would the 500watts psu be enough? I have read a lot of reviews before I went ahead and made this rig, hd 7770
will run smoothly with that 500watts psu, but will it not bottleneck my other parts though?

My Specs.

OS - Win 7 ultimate 64bits
Intel Board DH77EB
Intel Core i5-3570
8Gb ram Ripjaw (waiting for another 8gb stock)
Powercolor HD 6670 (to be upgraded to hd 7770)
Cougar ST 500 watts
Seagate 1tb 7200
Cooler Master K380

I'm actually with the stock speed on this build, so no oc'ing and what so ever even in the future gpu and ram.

I will be OC's on my next rig which I will post in the future, for bashing or education :)

Please don't bash the build as I don't make that much money, this is as much as I can do in 1month time. This is what I wanted, so please do keep negative feedbacks though I'm open for any education :)
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  1. You build looks to be solid and I dont see any compatibility issues off the bat. So what type of questions do you have?
  2. Thanks for replying :) One of the question is already there. As told my specs are given already but when I go and check my cpu-z it doesn't show that it is an i5-3570 instead it just shows Intel Processor and the logo by the right side says intel inside, instead of the i5 commercial logo. I'll try to get a picture so I can show it to you.
  3. here is the picture.
  4. The simple reason for this is that just a simple bug on which logo to give with the processor. If you look under the box there is a line that IDs the processor by model and speed.

    On my system it is coming up with the Intel Core i7 logo so it is something that they will fix in the future I would guess.
  5. Best answer
    The problem that your CPU-Z don´t show your cpu could be the version of your CPU-Z

    The newest release of CPU-Z is 1.63

    here is the link for it
  6. @Intel - thanks for the feedbacks as I can see that is right they did fix it on a new and update one, didn't notice that they also have a different installer for x86 and x64

    @correon - thanks bunch! I would say that that is the best answer but I would like to keep this thread for my future questions. Thank you again.

    BTW: I will be editing my post so that I won't create a lot of threads at the wrong section since I'll be asking with the same topic.


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