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I have two IDE hard drives (6GB and 10GB), both of which are fairly full and I would like to 'back up'. I've also got a brand new 20GB IDE drive - what I would like to know there any cloning software that would let me (for example) parition the 20GB drive, and then create images of each of the smaller drives on it - one on each parition? Or perhaps some similar operation - I just need to get byte-by-byte copies of each drive (separately) onto the 20GB disk. Maybe I'll HAVE to buy another drive? Any advice very grafefully appreciated...
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  1. Maxblast Plus does just that in Advanced Options. It's free and works on any system that has at least one Maxtor or Quantum drive in it (even if your not coppying to or from that drive). You need to make two separate partitions first, then copy the stuff to them.

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  2. Tom - my hero! The new drive IS a Quantum model, and I'm fairly sure (from memory) that one of the two 'source' drives is as well. And free! I can't thank you enough, that's just what I needed - very many thanks for your help!
  3. Yes, Maxtor added Quantum drive support to their software recently after aquiring the company's hard drive division. You can download the latest version from their website (yes, free, and its the best software I've ever used for such a task). It extracts itself onto a bootable floppy.

    Back to you Tom...
  4. Why are you thanking Tom? Crash was the one who helped you.

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  5. Dammit! I never put it there! Now I gave myself away!

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