Msi 660 ti pe/oc vs. gtx 660 ti sc

Im torn between the two. Please help me decide which one will perform better out of the box.
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  1. I'd go with the msi card if your case has pretty good air flow and if its more limited go for the evga card.
  2. I'm currently using a gtx 560ti sc and ive had zero problems with it. I wouldnt mind going with them again except the msi oc numbers are through the roof. Im just not sure if those numbers are out of the box or if you have to do additional ocing.
  3. The case is pretty open and I have 2 x 200mm fans along with one 120mm fan.
  4. The MSI card keeps the GPU a bit cooler, which will lead to higher and more consistently sustained boost clocks. The only way the SC would be faster out of the box is if it has a much higher factory overclock. With similar core clocks, the MSI will be faster for the reason listed above.
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