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I have a GT 550m GPU in my Dell L702x laptop with 1GB DDR3 memory. I have a pretty high and stable overclock of 700/1400/950 on the core/shader/mem clocks, up from 475/950/900. I hit a snag where i get minor artifacting when i push the overclock any further in a few games and i was wondering if i take the 2:1 ratio off of the core and shader clocks if there will be any performance impact on my games. For example if i were to leave the core clock at 700 but increase shaders to 1450, would this have any negative effect? Thanks.
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    Please report back if you figure out a way to turn off the hot clocks on that Fermi GPU. It's impossible to do as far as I know. The ratio is locked.
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  3. Shoot, you're right. I never tried it in EVGA precision so i didn't know. Thanks anyway.
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