Yamaha's 2100 CDR noisy junk

I want to give feedback on the review of the Yamaha 2100 CDRW drive. I have a SCSI version of the drive, a true lemon. It will shake the entire computer(and floor) when it spins up, produces nothing but coasters while multitasking, and will not read or rip other CDR's.
You've totally misrepresented this drive. I want a recount, using a off-the-shelf Yamaha.

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  1. i have never reccommened yamaha...
    just things i know. & use

    Is that a Northwoody in your pocket or are you just eXPited to see me?
  2. Which just goes to show.

    I have the 2100E (IDE) and previously had the 8424 version. I have found both to be nothing short of very good.

    Initially I had the vibration problem with the 2100 - I remounted it being careful to let it 'settle' in to a good spot on the rails and it has been fine. Sure, you can hear it is really spinning, but it does not vibrate anymore. Of course if you have a flimsy steel case or similar you're probably in trouble - but I had an old 52x CD-ROM (in an old steel case) that was much worse, so I think it is a case issue, not CD drive.

    Not had any issues with reading other CDRs either - I do very frequently. Make sure they are not burnt using DirectCD or similar - you'll need to re-finalize the disk in DirectCD or get the discs burnt as closed CDRs...

    Finally maybe yours is a lemon - if you really still have issues - exchange it.

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