Ati HD 7750 requires addition power or not???

hi guys i need to know that hd 7750 does require additional power or not??
can it run on 375 wat psu???plz help :ange:
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  1. I've heard that there are two versions of the 7750. One requires auxiliary power while the other does not. Perhaps it was the 7770, I can't recall.
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    There are two versions of the 7750, one with a stock clock of 800 MHz and one with a 900 MHz clock. There is no difference between the naming of the two, you simply have to look. However, to get to 900 MHz, AMD did have to a 6-pin auxiliary power connector. So, no, the 800 MHz versions do not need and additional power, but the 900 MHz versions do.

    As for the 375 watt PSU, you can run almost any card with that mount of power, so it will certainly handle a 7750.
  3. The HD 7750 does not need aux power; it only consumes a max of 43w so the PCI-e slot can easily supply all the power.

    The HD 7770 does need additional power from the PSU. I think it has been measured to max out at 70w, but the 6-pin power cable is there... just in case and for overclocking.

    Depending on which brand and model a 375w PSU can be enough for the more powerful HD 7770. Definitely enough for the HD 7750.

    EDIT - Never seen a HD 7750 requiring aux power, then again I never looked for an OC version of that card.
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  5. i have hp branded psu of 375 watts
  6. Pretty sure the 7750 needs more then 43W. Think its closer to 60 or 70W. OC'd models probably need it. Just check the model you are going to buy and make sure it doesn't need it.

    This is currently the only model that runs at the 900 MHz frequency. That I know of.
  8. led with 5ms response time is good for gaming or notttttt?????
  9. It'd be fine.
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