Need help with my d-link dir615

hi this is my frist time here and i think you can help me i was reading alot of whats posted here and i thing that you all know alot
of things abought routers and stuff.

i just bought a router d-link dir615 and i have a sonicvew360p with ihub that need to be huck up to a router to get servies from a
ps.i have try to read as much as i can and try everything that i find but notthing is working now am asking for help.

I need to know:
(a) which setting do i use
virtual server
port forwording

(b)which ip address do i use
my computer
my router
ip address of the box or the moden

(c)which port do i use
computer port
router port
the port for the box that was given from the ps.
and how do i find the ports and the ip addresses

i have been at this for two days now and now i am asking for some help and i thing you can help me any help will be great.
thanks alot
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  1. the ihub will have an internal ip address with a default gateway of your router.

    port forwarding is what you want ot use, inbound and outbound ports should be the same.

    you can plug the ihub into any port on the back of the router.
    the ihub should get an ip address automaticly, jsut set it to dynamic or automatic or what ever setting it has on there. if it requires you to assign a static ip then use an ip that your other comps are not using. you can check your PC to see what your IP scmeme is.

    go to start, run, (or search) type cmd, hit enter. in teh back window type ipconfig. you will get an ip address and a default gateway. the default gateway is the ip of the router, the ip address is close to what he ihub will have.

    it will be 192.168.1.X X being the number you need to change. make it 15 or somthing high so its not getting taken by other devices. you can limit the ip's on teh router but id rather not get into that as it seems you are new to networking.

    thats a link to setup guides. this system looks crazy complicated for what should be an easy network setup. it also has very very poor reviews by customers.

    good luck.
  2. thank you i know i came to the right , there is some thing i need to know the port
    that i need to use in port forwarding is it the port that was given to me by my ps.
  3. what is PS?

    the port will be what ever port the device comunitcates on. that website listed 3 ports i think, all should be forwarded. OR you can DMZ teh ip address of the ihub device.
  4. ps is( private sevier) that the ihub and box get the info to work, i think i understand the port i use is the one i get from the ps and the ip address is the one that the ihub work with.
  5. The reviews i read for this thing were horrid, im not totally sure how it all works as i didnt read into that much but if you get it working i think you will be one of the few.
  6. thank for the fllowup am going to try,the reviews of the router that what you mean .
    i need to make this work my old one is dieing i keep druping sig well her gose noting will let you know what happends and thank for all your help
  7. well try it and it did not work, but i did something diffrent i use thr old router i huck up the dlink to my computer and the modem and use the old router to get my sat to work got some security but as soon as i have some more time am at it , there has to be a way to make this to work .
    thank for all your help and i will let you know how it turn out. this site is grate and we need more like this keep up the good work peace out
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