CPU Red Led Light Even After Changing CPUs

In my prior posts I talked about the CPU red light came on. It was solved. Now it started again. So, I put in another CPU, but now nothing. I will try to do an external build again. Let me know what you guys think.
MOBO is an Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0
Chassis: In-Win Griffin

Thanks for your replies.
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  1. Okay. Just finished external build and it booted up without a problem. Any suggestions? My case already has standoffs integrated with it
  2. I turned it off, and tried again. This time the red cpu light stays steady on. Is it possible it could be my mobo?
  3. Here's an interesting observation. The red light cpu stays steady, and then I push the ASUS block located on the board. (Right next to the PCI slots) and all of a sudden the red cpu light goes away and it boots. I have tried this 3 times so far. All 3 times, the red cpu light has stayed steady red until I push that ASUS block a little.
  4. Ok. I let it run for 5 min. (red cpu light steady red) then I pressed the "Asus block" and it BOOTS. What the hell!!! So this is possibly a defective board correct?
    Turned it off. turned on. cpu light came on red. but this time i pressed the "asus block" down and nothing happens. The cpu light stays red. Then did it again. and it booted.
  5. Would you ladies and gentleman recommend me buying another mobo? Also, what kind.
  6. Hey USMC, thought we had this solved. I don't think the board is defective if breadboarding works it must be a standoff or grounding issue. I will get back soon once I get some more information on your motherboard.
  7. Yea I thought we did too. My case has standoffs integrated with it. I but another mono just in case. Also, I changed CPUs and still get red light
  8. Ok, the button you are pushing is the MEM ok button. This indicates an issue with your memory or RAM. Check to see if your memory is seated and locked in place. This takes allot more pressure than you might expect to get the clips to lock down. They lock down on their own when the ram is inserted all the way.
  9. MEM is fine. CPU light is the only one that stays steady red
  10. To lock down the ram push one side down until the RAM clip locks into place, then push the other side of the ram stick down until the other clip locks in.
  11. The Ram is locked in
  12. The button on the Motherboard tells the bios that the memory is ok despite the errors it is receiving. The CPU light will come on when RAM errors are present. The red light staying on indicates a general problem, you have fixed the problem before by pressing the mem ok button which allows the computer to boot despite the general issue which in this case is memory.
  13. It could possibly be bad ram sticks. If you replaced the motherboard and are still having this issue it may be RAM related. However, if the breadboarding worked I still think that it could be a grounding issue.
  14. So it is not the CPU even though the red light stays steady. That only indicates a general problem?
  15. What is the case you are using?
  16. Yes the light is an indication of a general problem not necessarily CPU related. You have been able to boot to the BIOS and check the settings. If the CPU was bad you wouldn't get that far.
  17. I will post after trying with new mobo. How would it be a grounding issue if case has built in standoffs? Also, bread boarding worked but not consecutively
  18. The manual didn't say anything like that. My case is a In-Win Griffin
  19. I will post after trying your advice as soon as possible. Thank you. Please leave anymore info in this post. I will check when able
  20. It does look like the case standoffs are build into the case. The cone shaped screw holes.

    The RAM light doesn't come on when you start the computer or does it?

    Im really stuck on this mem test ok button fixing the problem. It would seem that it is a big part of the problem or solution to the problem.
  21. it seems like there are allot of people having problems with the CPU light, apparently pushing the mem ok will allow the system to boot but with no bios post message. Bios version 1102 is the culprit, but there are people running 1102 with no problems.

    Generally speaking from what I have read about this issue it seems that I am on he right track with the grounding issue. There is a short, most people have been blaming the BIOS update but when they examine further they find that they have a case grounding issue.

    Those large offsets in your In-Win Griffin case may be too wide and are touching some motherboard components. I did read a solved issue regarding a reset button causing a short the link is bellow.

    I really want to get this solved for you, I hate leaving issues un resolved.
  22. I have the bios ver. @ 1503.
    So it may be the chassis, RAM, or bios? Correct?
  23. There solution was also removing the reset switch. Would that relate to my case?
  24. In regards to the grounding issue (Chassis) what case would you recommend?
  25. USmc2010 said:
    In regards to the grounding issue (Chassis) what case would you recommend?

    Are all the standoffs matching to the holes in the motherboard? I other words is it possible you have a standoff touching where it shouldn't be?
  26. All standoffs are matching holes on mobo
  27. What are your full specs?
  28. Mobo: Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0
    CPU: (new/replaced): phenom ii x4 965
    PSU: corsair HX750W gold
    Card: GT620
    Chassis: In-Win Griffin
  29. Best answer
    I got to go with Adam. The only thing I can think of is the standoff touching something on the cased.
  30. Should I get a different case? If so, which would be recommended?
  31. You could go with the same case assuming there is something wrong with it.

    Our tastes are different but based on the case you choose I would suggest

    Antec 300R (or Illusion)
    Rosewill Challenger
    Corsair 200R
    Coolmaster HAF 912

    You should go with the case that you like.
  32. Thanks I will look into the list provided
  33. Best answer selected by USMC2010.
  34. jnkweaver said:
    I got to go with Adam. The only thing I can think of is the standoff touching something on the cased.
  35. I have the same problem, my computer ran for two days then the steady red CPU light came on. My power supply is operating correctly, I changed out the CPU still have the steady red CPU light on!
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