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I can't access the ATI Catalyst Control Center at all. It used to be, I'd right click on the desktop and it would be on top of the popup menu. The Control Center had all the settings capabilities for both monitors that I have. Now I can't find it.

I have a Compaq laptop connected to an HP f2105 monitor. The HP monitor functions great. But the laptop monitor looks as if it's disabled. It will come on initially when I boot up, but then goes dark.

What can I do to bring up the Control Center?
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  1. Seems like a driver issue....just use driversweeper to completely uninstall your AMD drivers and reinstall the complete catalyst package again
  2. Right click the desktop, click Screen Resolution, click Detect. Make sure Multiple displays isn't set to Show desktop only on 1 (or 2). If it is, click extend these displays.
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