Netbook won't boot with new hard drive

Hello, I purchased a new hard drive recently for a Friends netbook since the HDD in it died. So I got the new HDD, installed a copy of Windows 7 32 bit onto the hard drive (from a different computer) and it worked well. Now when I put in the HDD to the netbook, the motherboard screen shows, but when windows 7 starts loading after about three seconds the computer crashes and restarts. So, I try to use an external optical drive to see if I can format the drive, but the netbook says "No operating system found", (it does not mean on the HDD, it is talking about the optical drive) so I then use my pen drive with a copy of windows 7 on it and it just says "disk error". This is such a bizzar problem. Maybe the motherboard is damaged? I really don't know.

Any help would be great.

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  1. Not shure but I think that windows 7 has to be downloaded derecly onto the computer that you put the hard drive into, not one computer, then another.
  2. Hi

    Normally to re install Windows you would boot a Netbook up from a USB DVD drive
    or a USB memory stick with bootable Windows 7 setup

    (using the Microsoft program at)

    If you want to Transfer a Windows Hard Disk from one PC to another you have to remove the hard disk controller drivers before booting in the new PC

    search for Fix_HDC or Fix_7HDC utilities which are usually run from a WinPE disk

    Fix_HDC is intended for XP but seems to work on Vista & 7 and is included in ubcd4win project
    (which has not been updated for a couple of years)

    Any drivers which require a setup program should be un installed before running the Fix_xx especially Audio drivers

    I have moved a Windows XP disk from AMD CPU / chipset to Intel but it is not advised, most Netbooks are Intel chipset

    I would recommend re install from scratch


    Mike Barnes
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