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Hi, Im trying to get my PC up and ready for school and currently I am stumped. My problem is that on the initial boot up there is no video displayed. I hear one long beep and 2 short beeps, pointing me to video card/graphics related issue. If I restart it will make one beep meaning all clear and the display pops on. It have tried multiple known working Video Cards, all showing same problem. I must add that it wouldnt work at all through my dvi-dvi cord, i had to use an rgb cord with a dvi-rgb adapter on the video card, could it be the monitor thats at fault? or maybe the dvi cord alone went bad. but the restarting most be done no matter what and thats not right. i have a 9800gtx+ and hooking to a samsung syncmaster
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  1. New Dvi cord lead to the same issue. I must restart the pc after the bios beeps every time to get the display on. Any ideas?
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