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i got a ASUS 210 silent to upgrade my computer, i installed it and i get a black screen, i disabled my on-board card, the Card heats up like tis working but i get no signal out of it, help?
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  1. i suggest to try the the graphics card on other computer,if the your PC still showing no signal after removing the graphics card try to clear CMOS by a jumper on motherboard or unplug the power cable then remove motherboard battery
  2. i will try that, but when i went to change the onboard graphics it was already set to PCI x16?
  3. most motherboards switch automatically from IGP to dedicated graphics card even if you didnt choose that at bios so the best thing you can do now is to try the graphics card on other PC
  4. i will try that tommorow thank you
  5. I tried it on another computer, i had a beep code, it was a Video card Error.
  6. you have to send the graphics card to warranty
  7. Bad card, if no warranty then you will just have to buy another one. GT210 is pretty slow as is and not good for gaming.
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