FX-8320 Vcore going over 1.6

I've just got a AMD FX-8320 with a Asus M5A97 Evo R2.0 motherboard I set everything up and have been running it for a few hours now however I've noticed that sometimes I see a warning from Asus AI Suite II saying the Vcore is 1.6XX. I decided to have CPU-Z running along with HW monitor and they both show the same thing, sometimes the Vcore goes above 1.6. Should I be worried about this? Sometimes it happens about 3 or 4 times but the vcore tends to me around 1.1-1.4.

I'm just a bit worried that I've spent so much money on this cpu and motherboard only for there to be some problem :(

Also I've not done anything that taxing on the cpu, just installing the drivers and a few programs.
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  1. Wow that's not good, I suggest your update you bios, then clear your CMOS. After that load default or optimized settings for your bios then boot into windows and check your voltage and temps again!
  2. You probably have some auto OC thing enabled. Disable it and OC manually.
  3. After talking with a friend and reading the replies I also think either the Motherboard or the Asus program is overclocking the CPU as it does seem to run faster then it should, didn't click until just now.

    I will do as suggested tomorrow and will get back to you :)

    Oh and I don't actually want to OC it as the stock settings are fine for my use :)
  4. Sorry for double posting. It seems to have worked, updated the bios and cleared the CMOS and now it's running at 0.900 and when under load goes upto 1.3 for like 1 second before dropping back down to 0.900.

    I did also note before I cleared the CMOS that the cpu was set a little higher then the stock, I guess I accidentally changed a setting to overclock. I am now running it in auto mode and it runs fine and changing it to max power saving the Vcore just doesn't budge lol.

    Thank you for your help :)
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