Which is better: a cooler GPU or more case fans?

I'm looking at getting a GPU (EVGA SuperClocked 01G-P3-1463-KR) that apparently runs at 80 degrees C under load, and I'll be using it for rendering so it'll be at full load for long periods of time. Is that temperature anything to worry about? If so: I have a corsair 500r with the default fan setup. How would my $30 be better spent: adding 3 case fans, or getting a GPU that runs at 70C instead of 80?
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    The corsair 500r already has a great cooling solution built into the case. The money would be better invested in moving the heat away from the gpu with an improved aftermarket cooling solution. Once the heat is moved away that case takes care of the rest.
  2. ideally if your decent with DIY changes, applying thermal paste assuming the card is aged or heatsink wasnt installed properly at the factory can be one cause.
  3. You don't have it yet right? Maybe you could change your choice somewhat.

    You can also go for a 560 Ti

    Oh yes, I forgot something, You can get 7850 for the price near the 560.
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