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Hey guys I've had this computer for almost 6 months now and I knew it was time that I had to start cleaning the computer before it was too late.
This computer was built by me not some company that I would spend anymore money on because I haven't had that much luck with those
computers. Building my own computers seem to work a lot better for me because I know everything that's been put in it.

Anyhow my issue here is when I was cleaning/dusting my computer my heaksink rotated a inch or so and I'm wondering...Do I have to spend more
money to buy thermal paste? Oh and if this is relevant at all my Heat Sink is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO and the CPU is the Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge.
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  1. As long as the heatsink it making good contact with the CPU it should be fine. Your Hyper 212+ should have come with thermal paste right? Way back when i got mine it came with a tube that probably would have been good for 6-10+ CPU's.

    Generally you would want to reapply the paste, but if it hasn't been long and you don't want to clean it off and reapply, I would just move the heatsink back to where it was, make sure it is secure and check the temps of your CPU to make sure everything is fine.
  2. Now what would I use to check my CU temps, are there any benchmark programs for stuff like that?
  3. I use Coretemp to monitor my CPU temperatures, there are different programs you can use as well (speedfan works too i think). There are also programs like Prime95 that will stress/torture test your CPU by pretty much making it work at 100% load on every core, that way you can see how well your cooler does over a little while of testing.
  4. realtemp for cpu temps

    and its normal for that heatsink to wiggle on an intel cpu--its a design flaw

    doesnt do it on an amd cpu as far as i know
  5. Ah...cool, thanks for the Info man! I appreciate it!

    It's been six months since I put the thermal paste on and I just freaked when it move...and yeah I did you the paste that came with the Cooler Master.
  6. mcnumpty23 said:
    realtemp for cpu temps

    and its normal for that heatsink to wiggle on an intel cpu--its a design flaw

    doesnt do it on an amd cpu as far as i know

    I didn't wiggle, it more or less rotated 30 degrees...
  7. yes thats what i meant by wiggle--rotate

    just google h212 evo wiggle

    or rotate and you will see

    dont know why but most people say it wiggles but technically you are correct it rotates
  8. I google and I didn't get that much info, that's why I asked on here...a lot of folks on here were really helpful when building my rig I have right now, and I am definitely happy what I have right now! But six months later it came time to clean out all the dust bunnies and this happened.
  9. Yeah it does wiggle a tiny bit when i used to use my Hyper 212+. If it bothers you that much and can't rotate it back, just unscrew it a little bit and rotate it and rescrew.
  10. I didn't see those when I searched...though I searched "Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO"
  11. you just need to search

    "212 wiggle" or similar

    edit--or Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO wiggle

    main thing is you need to include wiggle or rotate in your search
  12. Well thanks anyways, going to make sure to run those temp test...
  13. no problem

    main thing is as long as your load temps are ok
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