Nvidia GTX 560M or the AMD Radeon HD 7470 switchable graphics

Hey, I'm about to buy a laptop. I'm trying to decide between a 1GB graphics card that is AMD Radeon HD 7470 and an Nvidia GTX 560M that is 1.5GB. The radeon card is on a laptop with 10 hours of battery life, fingerprint reader no backlit keyboard and BD combo. The Nvidia card is on a laptop with 5 hours of battery life, no BD combo, just DVD-RW, no fingerprint reader, but a backlit keyboard. I do want to game on the laptop I choose. I know it should be an easy decision, but it's not. You know how we gamers are! Please advise. thanks. :bounce:
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  1. if gaming is your major concern then you know which one to pick
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    the cheapest most efficient gaming laptop is a laptop with A10-4600m CPU which it have the fastest integrated graphics card 7660 like this one
    or if you want something cheaper
  3. or if you want a laptop with intel CPU here is great one
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