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Hello, I have an issue with an old HP pavillion desktop computer. The power button seems faulty, but that could be an easy fix later. My main issue is that upon conducting two of the power pins with a peice of metal, the computer will come on , and the fans will spin. However, it seems when I connect my P7 wire , which should supply power to the CPU, the computer will not start in this manor. As well, after the P7 is plugged in, the computer wont start in the manor for quite some time after its unplugged. Not sure if this is a power button issue, an issue with my mobo, or PSU or CPU. any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. short the pins of the power button together only momentarily. If the pc does not come on then you have a motherbd or power supply issue. You can the short the green wire on the large 20 or 24 pin motherbd connector from the power supply to any of the black wires right next to it. Leave the jumper in place. If the pc boot up now then you have a motherbd issue. If not it could still be either or both and you would have to test the psu manually or test the motherbd with a known good psu.
  2. I don't completely understand the second part of what you're trying to say , I don't have any solid green wires coming off of my PSU or motherboard.
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