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3330 and 3350p compatible with h61 chipset?

Intel's website doesn't list h61 as a compatible chipset for either the 3350p or 3300

Yet, when I ask it to find me compatible desktop boards, it lists h61 mobos.

At the same time, the mb I want lists both the 3350p and the 3330 as compatible

Now I'm confused. If I get, say, the 3350p along with that mobo I listed, will I get a bios problem? Will it work just fine? I don't want to have to pay my computer guy to update the mobo with the proper bios.
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  1. go by the motherbds supported cpu list.
    I think what intel was trying to get across is that the chipset might not support all the features of the processor but compatibility-wise it should be fine, you'lll get have a motherbd with a few less features that might not even be anything you would use.
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    They are compatible but will/may require a bios update to use Ivy bridge 3xxx cpu's

    So if you're buying new, you may need an h61 mb that can update bios without a CPU/incompatible one or have a sandy bridge lying around handy

    I would play it save and spend the extra $5-10 for a b75 mb, they also get you USB3 and PCIE3.0

    I found this b75 mb that is actually almost the same price as the h61 one you linked

    If you want to get a h61 motherboards still , you can get a i5 2310 or 2320 or 2380p
  3. I noticed a board I bought from Amazon had several bad reviews as it said its supported ivy bridge but it only did with a bios update you cannot do without a sandy bridge CPU (I only wanted to install SB anyway). So yes a safe bet is one thats guaranteed ie support it with any bios, or ask the seller if you can return it if it doesn't work but even if you can its alot of wasted time.
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