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hi im wondering would the gtx 660 ti bottleneck cpu which is an amd phemon x4 840
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  1. phenome x4 840 is re-branded as athlon II x4 645 and its 30-40 slower than i5-2500 on games http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-fx-pentium-apu-benchmark,3120-10.html
    and your cpu will be huge bottleneck for SLI or CF
  2. so its a huge bottleneck for the gtx 660ti
  3. phenome x4 840 isnt huge bottleneck for single graphics card ,so i advise you to buy the graphics card now and upgrade your CPU later when haswell get released next year
  4. i all ready have my system which is amd phemon x4 840 and gtx 550ti and i was thinkin how it be if iupgraded my gpu
  5. While the x4 830 may not be as powerful as a current generation processor, it is a 3.2GHz quad core and still fairly powerful.
    While you may have some bottlenecking in CPU dependent games, I would see no issues in paring a GTX 660Ti with it.
    If anything, overclocking your CPU would go a long way to removing any potential bottlenecks.
  6. so if i oc my cpu o 3.7 mhz it would stop bottlenekin
  7. If it is 3.7GHz ;)

    Yes, this would go a long way towards mitigating any possible bottleneck.
    Any bottlenecks will depend on the specific game.
    Depending on what you are playing, it could be that the GPU would already be the bottleneck.

    Worst case though, a GTX 660Ti will still give you a healthy performance increase over your current GTX 550Ti :)
  8. I have a 7950 with a 1090t @ 3.6ghz and the only game that has bottlenecking issues from what I have seen is crysis 2. And it really isn't that big of a deal either (the gpu can only reach 96% usage). You will be fine with your cpu and a 660ti, although I would advise getting a 7870 because of the price cuts they will be getting soon.
  9. hey would a gtx 570 be bottleneck fo my system
  10. Well, you are always going to have a bottleneck somewhere.
    As the GTX 570 is a slower GPU than the GTX 660Ti, the bottleneck would move in the direction of the CPU from the GPU.

    Personally, I would recommend getting a GTX 660Ti, HD 7870 or HD 7950.
    Prices should not be to much higher than a GTX 570 while performance will be higher and power draw will be greatly reduced.
  11. I suggest getting a GTX 660Ti, HD 7870 or HD 7950 then upgrade to haswell core i5 cpu next year
  12. what about if i upgraded to an amd phemon x 4 965 and got any of them gpu
  13. IMO, the minimal performance increase from upgrading to an x4 965 would not justify the costs.
    If you are not happy with your performance after upgrading the GPU it would be best to save you CPU budget towards a new platform some time in the future.
  14. so the hd 7870 or hd 7950 wouldnt bottlenek my cpu
  15. Could be that your CPU is already bottlenecked, that is not the point.
    There will always be a bottleneck in your system somewhere; be it the CPU, GPU, RAM, Hard Drive, etc..

    The HD 7870 and HD 7950 are alternatives in roughly the same performance range to the GTX 660Ti (7870 is a little lower, 7950 is a little higher) and all three draw much less power than a GTX 570.
  16. hey if i got a hd 7870 would a corsair cx 600 watt psu be ok
  17. Yes, the Corsair CX600 is more than powerful enough to run any of the GPUs you are looking at.
  18. i will get a hd 7870 or hd 7950 an u show me how it will run in games like gta 4, battlefiled 3 , sleeping dogs , left 4 dead 2
  19. hey my current res is 1280 by 1024 would the hd 7950 be overkill for my res
  20. Maybe you should take your GPU budget and pick up a newer monitor first....
  21. yea i will get some money together and get an montior and i new graphics card would 1680 by 1050 by ok
  22. For $130 you could get a decent 1920x1080 monitor.
  23. nah i wanted a 1680 by 1050 montior
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