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What is the best graphics card for games on Window 7 Home Premium 64 bit please?
thank you Jan Berens :
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  1. Well that depends on the budget. I could recommend you a GTX690, but they're $1000. Also what are your system specifications?
  2. your open to use any mobo your motherboard/case/cpu/psu combination can handle. software has no serious level of control, except on linux based OS, because AMD cards are slightly more favorable on linux.
  3. If that's your question, I could answer straight away, a 680 Quad-SLI or a 7970 GHz QuadFire. But not everybody has the courage to do that :lol:.
  4. Not sure about the GTX 690. Heard there were a lot of problems of FPS drops. Quad sli GTX 680 or Quadfire 7970 GHz edition should do the job :D. OVERKILL.. KILL .. KILL..KILL

    - Fastreaction
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