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:hello: I have a rather strange question to ask today.

We are having trouble at work with one of the programs we use to check guests in/out, organize reservations, and such. This program is on the main front desk computer, and also the (lesser used) second front desk computer. The error being, the program lets us check guests into rooms that are already occupied. My question is, if an employee borrowed a 4-pin power adapter from the second computer (while it was off), used it, and returned it in the same condition, is it possible that that could have caused this issue we are having on the primary front desk computer? It sounds like more of a bug in the program to me. But I have to make sure.
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  1. no it wouldnt cause it

    its a software fault
  2. It's 100% not possible?
  3. cant see anyway it would cause it at all

    no doubt some one else will soon come along and give a second opinion
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