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OK so i have a problem.... I have been looking on CPU Z and monitoring my CPU and what i have noticed is that my 17 3820 @ 3.6GHZ is only running at 3.399 MHZ under full load. I have played the most demanding PC games and used orthos to stress my CPU and it still shows 3.3. When i bought my PC it also had a Turbo Boost to 4.1 GHZ but i never ever see it anymore. So no matter what i do i never see it increase anymore... Is there a problem here?
I went in Control Panel and the power is set to High Performance. Could any of you give me some help please.
Thanks :)
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  1. Please monitor your cpu temps. It does have the ability to downclock itself if things get to warm for it.

    Also have a look thru your bios; the cpu multiplier should be 36 and max turbo is 38 at stock settings. The baseclock should be 200 as always. Intel does allow you to change the multipliers 3 or 4 steps (i forget) and the baseclock only a few mhz.

    edit - does cpu-z identify your processor as a 3820?
  2. Thanks for the reply :) Yes cpu z identifies it as a3820 and my multiplier is x34. Core temps are fine as they are monitored my Core Temp. at the moment they are in the 30's and probably goes to highish 40's and in 50's also under full load. And plus my Cpu is Water cooled also. would you recomend me going into bios and changing or Disabling Intel speedstep??
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