What is the problem with my system ?

I have assembled my new pc with intel i7 3770,4gb corsair vengeance ram,600 watt cooler master smps..having 500gb internal seagate hdd as primary drive and 2 tb internal wdc as storage drive and running 2 OS installed in 500gb drive..one is Win7 ultimate 64 bit and zp sp3 32 bit...Looking for my WEI in Win7...My WEI was 5.5(performance for win aero being lowest) before i updated the intel hd 4000 graphics driver..and now it became 5.3..i have tried uninstalling and installing the old driver..but stiller 5.3..don't come back to 5.5....Then i looked for memory it is 5.9...i Checked for CPU- Z it shows 665.7 Mhz DRAM freq....i have 1600mhz ddr3 ram..then why it shows less..My motherboard support dual channel ddr3 1600/1333...Really unhappy with my new System..help :)
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  1. Please use proper punctuation. Separating sentences with...is really annoying...when you have lots of them...see what I mean?

    WEI is a thoroughly useless measure of performance, but to fix your memory you may need to reboot into BIOS and set your memory to an XMP profile. You should be able to find a tutorial somewhere to tell you how to do it with your mobo.
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