What Job Should I Pursue In The Future?

I am currently still in school at the age of 16 going to a post-secondary school to take classes on Computer Networking Technology. I am HIGHLY interested in computers and anything about technology. I would like to be making the most money I can in this field, which I found Computer Engineers making the most? I'm not sure on that.. But I can't make up my mind on what I want to do after high school. I have superior knowledge with computers and I'm currently learning some programming languages such as Assembly, Java, and possibly C++. I spend most of the day, if not all, on the computer playing games.. reading articles.. etc. Can anyone give me some suggestions on what career I might want to pursue after college and how I can help myself prepare for that job. If any other information is needed, please let me know. I am also very interested in school and get straight A's. Thanks for reading this by the way..
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  1. IT Consultant
    IT Director
    IT Technician
    IT Researcher
    Networking Consultant
    Systems Consultant
    Computer Manage
    Computer designer
    Computer Manufacturer
    Computer Engineer
    Electrical Engineer
    Nanotechnologist,( if there ever was such a person...you may be the first.)
  2. I am a freelancer at www.odesk.com
  3. Maybe go for a masters in computer science.
  4. LauriceSmith said:
    I am a freelancer at www.odesk.com

    Freelancer is my dream, but now I work in the marketing. So I don't feel happy. I think we should follow our heart.
  5. i am on the same, pick an IT path boat.... think of some kind of degree at uni (i live in aus) but really would love to start a business, but there is already heaps....(where live, most go out of business cause of the big company's.)
  6. LauriceSmith said:
    I am a freelancer at www.odesk.com

    You made all that? wow. just wow.
  7. It's really not that easy to give this kind of advice without knowing the person. Presumably, you would know yourself best. You seem to already know that you want to pursue a technical career and that is reflected in your current activities. This could easily point you in the direction of Computer Science or Engineering.

    However, I would also look at related fields, such as other engineering disciplines or cross-over fields like Bioinformatics or Medical Informatics. There are a ton of jobs out there that require similar skills to the ones you are currently building up, and some of these will fit your personality and you'll enjoy them, and some will not be what you are looking for.

    One thing I found very useful when I was in your shows was to truly ask myself not only what I like (e.g. programming or computer games), but WHY I like these activities. Is it because there is a sense of achievement or the ability to be creative? Is it because I like to solve problems? Maybe I prefer to work on my own rather than with a group of people. Answering these questions can help you get a better understanding of what you truly want.

    Talking to people, like you are doing here is a good thing! Very often you will come across people that will give you a different perspective or introduce you to possibilities you had not considered before. Keep doing it!

    If you have the option, why not attend an open day at a local college or visit some university websites. Don't only look at the actual course programs, but also what kind of research and projects are going on at these places. Find something that excites you. Chances are: if you are passionate about something, you will also be good at it!
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