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New computer with windows 8

I want to remove windows 8 from a new computer and install windows xp pro.Both are 64 bit systems. Any problems that you know of ?

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    Shouldn't be. Boot from windows disk or prepared USB stick, and go at er. Might be nice to have all the xp drivers ready before hand if you don't have another computer at your disposal.
  2. Check drivers first, you may struggle if there are no XP drivers available! And for goodness sakes, just stick win 7 on there and be done with XP already!
  3. Unless you have some arcane reason for using XP I would go the route of Windows 7 as well.

    However, although I have never the *cough* pleasure *cough* of having to downgrade from 8 to 7, I have heard that some people have had fun trying to disable the secureboot so they can remove 8 and install 7. I personally have no experince with it so cannot comment further.
  4. I would only install XP on a computer with 2GB or less RAM. 3GB and up can run 64bit Windows fine.
  5. What is the reason for the move to XP Pro 64bit? Just configure Hyper-V and install XP as a virtual machine.

    As far as problems. It is getting harder and harder to find XP drivers. XP 64bit never really had very good driver support.
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