Need help with upgrading graphics card

hey guys. im wondering if you could help me out a bit,
im looking to upgrade my graphics card.

I have a dell studio xps 435t/9000
intel core i7 920 @2.67 ghz
6gigs of ram
64 bit operating system
on my computer score my processor and and ram are at 7.4
m graphics are at a 3.5 and my gaming graphics and primary hard disk are at about 6

so i deffinately need a new card, im wanting to get the radeon hd 7850 but idk if my computer will handle it, im a newb. i just want to be able to run wow, swtor and other mmo's with good fps on high settings instead of having to put everything on low

my current gc is a ati radeon hd 4300/4500 and i have to set everything on low to get a good 60 fps and it still drops out, swtor is virtually unplayable

so anyhelp would be appreciated, also if you need anymore info please let me know. it might be something other than my gc, idk
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  1. What is your power supply? Please mention the full name and not just the amount of watt :)

    - Fastreaction
  2. i cant open my comp up at the moment, im sorry, i do know that its a stock 475 watt, as far as the actual brand name goes i really do not know, everything is 100 percent stock. if that helps at all?
  3. Your pc wouldn't be a problem but I am not sure about that power supply. Best would be if you could open your pc and write down the name or something :).
    I checked the site you gave me but they do not mention the name of the power supply.
    - Fastreaction
  4. here are the specs for the f217j, it comes stock with my comp so its likely this is what your looking for, wasnt sure what numbers you needed so here, and again im sorry im a newb man, just trying to figure this all out and i really appreciate the help

  5. It should be fine but I would recommend you to change power supply though.

    - Fastreaction
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