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Hey guys. I don't know much about trusted brands and such, aside from corsair. Would you guys help me out picking a good psu?

I need to power a gtx560ti - says it needs a 500w supply with 30a on the 12 rail.
I'm running it fine now with my corsair 400w, but don't want to risk it.

Could you find me a trustworthy PSU under $60 from this website?

They have a corsair vx550 but it's soldout.
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    Unless your system draws more power than theirs, you're fine:

    Edit: The 500W recommendation is in case you have a crappy PSU that only delivers 300W.
  2. In my case, with 30a on the 12v should be fine then? I just don't want to stress my components and cause damage.

    My cpu takes up around 100w at max load I believe. It's a crappy e7300 oc'd to 3.3ghz
  3. Your PSU is fine.
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