GTX 580 vs GTX 680: pricing advice

I can currently get a GTX 580 for 225 euros (283 US $) second hand and a GTX 680 for 425 euros (534 US $) second hand. I know the GTX 680 has much better performance, but is it really worth very nearly 2x the price? I am playing at 1080p and I might go for 3D Vision, so I hope the GTX 580 is good enough for that.
Any advice on which to choose?
(I have a GTX 260-216 right now)
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  1. I wouldn't buy second hand. What about a GTX 660TI? or GTX 670?

    - Fastreaction
  2. I buy second hand all the time. Hasn't got me yet. I recently picked up a Samsung 128BG SSD (the one before the 830) and a GTX460 256bit for $185.

    For twice the price? Probably not. If you going for 3D for sure then try to get the 680. If its a maybe then I'd get the GTX580. $300ish is a bit steep however as the GTX580 has issues keeping up with the 7850 and the GTX660TI which are both $300 cards new. Getting a $17 break on a card that uses more power and emits more heat with no warranty doesn't seem like much of a break.
  3. What's wrong with second hand? :/
    GTX 670 is too expensive for me, 660Ti is 75 euros more than the second hand GTX 580
  4. Problem is, here in Europe the cheapest GTX 660 Ti is 375 US $ !
  5. // Eco warrior hat on//

    670/80 use less power

    // eco warrior hat off //
  6. I consider buying computer parts like buying a car. They go down in value so fast that anytime you can save some money you should. Who cares if you get a 3yr warranty. When it dies, do you really want a new 3yr old card? I upgrade more often then that. I always buy used when I can and so far its worked for me.

    European will always have higher pricing. Just saying you should look around some as the converted prices don't have that GTX580 looking so good.
  7. Captainblacko, its not that I'm an eco warrior. But when looking at cards you need to look at all aspects of it. Price, performance, and yes power usage should all be considered. A $283 for a card that performs like a new $300 card that uses less power and has a warranty doesn't sound like much of a deal to me. If I saved $17 and got the more power friendly card then MAYBE, but even then probably not.
  8. I still have 1 year warranty on the second hand 580 though!
  9. 660Ti is more expensive than a GTX 580.
    But 660Ti is faster, less noise, less power consumption, it's brand new and you can widen the gap with an OC version
  10. Don't count on that warranty. Not all of them transfer with second owners. Unless your EU rules require it.
  11. Decisions decisions :/
    The 580 in question is the MSI Twin Frozr 2/ OC.
    If I OC it heavily, the performance impact is also very significant- see the Crysis 2 results:,2993-9.html
  12. This post is still open. don't buy used mate hope you haven't bought a card already. just do what I am about to do. Buy a GTX 680 the EVGA brands are dirt cheap at the moment $469 and i am not sure what that is in your country but with prices so low why not buy new.
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