Core i3-2100 with hd7870=bottleneck?

core i3-2100 with hd7870=bottleneck? will this cause a bottleneck? on a 1080p resolution, ultra settings on bf3, MW3, alan wake mass effect 3? with no multiplayer or online gaming on this games..
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  1. No you should be good to go.
  2. I don't think so.

    - Fastreaction
  3. if you add a i7 sandy/ivy the FPS will increase, if you OC your i7 the FPS will increase, so, there is some "bottleneck" in every situation if you can call it a bottleneck. But with that build, you are good to go with every modern game on the market
  4. You'll be fine :).
  5. i3 2100 will bottleneck the HD 7870 in some heavy games like bf3,skyrim etc but not much so why not to buy the i3 2120 it has better clock speed and won't bottleneck HD 7870 at any situation..
  6. Guys he really does not need to buy anything. He is fine.

    - Fastreaction
  7. If he wants to upgrade that badly I wouldn't spend 100 dollars on an i3 but $220 dollars on an i5 2500k instead.....

    - Fastreaction
  8. @fastreaction, why you are going too much deeper, isn't $5 worth for more mhz.
  9. ^
    He probably has the i3-2100 already.
  10. ohh, then it's ok I thought OP is going to buy them both.
  11. ohh, then it's ok I thought OP is going to buy them both.
  12. thanks you guyz, yup i already got a i3-2100 with a h61 mobo.. i was afraid im going to bottleneck it and noy feel the maximum performance of the.gpu, i have read only multiplayer in bf3 will the i3 2100 will struggle but in single player it would be.fine?
  13. Yes. I doubt you will have much problems in multiplayer anyway :P.
  14. A i3-2100 won't bottleneck TWO 7870's.

    However, the cpu will hold you back in some games that require more than 2 cores, but cores don't bottleneck video cards, clock speed does.
  15. Lololol misunderstanding here. Yeah he already had the i3 2100 but xtreme5 was like buy this and upgrade now! lol.

    - Fastreaction
  16. a noob question, whats xtreme5?hehehe..
  17. tukbol7 said:
    a noob question, whats xtreme5?hehehe..

    Tom's Hardware User!
  18. oh okay tnx.. so gonna buy tomorow sapphire hd7870 oced.. tnx for the input guyzz
  19. Good luck on your purchase!
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