Monitor flashes multiple times bofre finally turning on, HD6970

I have a Sapphire HD6970 video card in my Tower. I use it to display 3 monitors. 1 is a 55" Flat screen via HDMI, The other an NEC 24" via display port, and the last an older Samsung via DVI. For a few months now, when I turn on the computer for the first time, the older samsung monitor will flash on for a split sec [the blue on light will also come on, then go off and it will do this repeatedly for a good 5 minutes sometimes before the monitor just finally turns on. I figured the monitor was going bad. My video card ended up dying after a physical move to florida, and during the time I had the card in RMA, the onboard graphix fro m my motherboard never hd this problem. Now that I have the card back from RMA it is doing it again. I have swapped ports on the montitors and even used the HMDI fr the one flickers and nothing really changes it, [again so i suspect the monitr itself] but then why did it not do it with the onboard card for the lase 2 weeks?]

any ideas? any ways to test the monitor or the card? Furmark works fine, cards stands up to testing.
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  1. Does it behave abnormally if its the only display connected to the PC?
  2. that I shall try. I haven't done much troubleshooting cause it wasn't an issue for the last few weeks, and when it first started happening I was in the process of moving out of state. SO Far I have jsut swapped cords around, and noticed that it did it with every cord on every type of port.

    I will try this next with each type of cord and display.
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