Sparkle nvidia geforce gt 520 2 gb ddr3 graphics card supports games like crysis

i wanna buy a decent graphics i'm a gmmng fan,to play games like crysis2,cod8,mx pyne3,bttleield3 budget is upto Rs.4000..........can any expert help......4gb ddr3 ram,i3 processor. :bounce:
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  1. GT 520 is not a gaming card. If you want to play games, lowest card I'd suggest is HD 6670. Otherwise it's not worth buying anything due to you would be wasting your money - worse cards will not play the games.

    If you cannot afford it, save a bit of money - you're not missing much.
  2. geforce gt 520 is usless for gaming but this cards play games very low graphics setting & minimum display resolution

    for my suggestion do not buy it.
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