Computer won't display no beeps

Alright, I can't figure this computer problem out. I turned it on earlier and it worked just fine...image and all, but when I restarted it, I got no image on my monitor.

Things I know for sure:

It's not the Video Card. I have tested two different working cards, and they don't work in the broken comp, but work in the working ones.

There are no beeps even when there's no Video Card or RAM installed leading me to believe it's between the PSU, Mobo, and CPU.

All fans work on the computer (Tower fans, PSU fans, and CPU fan), and the Mobo's LED light works. It worked for one boot up, then just stopped. I have also tried unplugging everything but the Mobo/Processor and PSU with no change.

Any clues, because I'm stumped. The computer turns on, but there's absolutely no display anymore. Is it a dead motherboard or something else?
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  1. What hardware do you have, too obvious I know but is dead monitor (or bad lead) possible?
  2. I know it's not the monitor because my other computers work on it. Specifically, I don't know the parts yet as they're my friends and I'm trying to fix it...I thought it was a video card problem when I first started working on it...but after finding out the video card works on other computers and there are no beeps without any hardware...I kind of ruled it down to PSU/CPU/Mobo. Also, yes I do have my sound plugged in to make sure beeping occured or didn't occur.

    But I don't think it's the PSU as everything powers up...the mobo, fans, and PSU all turn on...just no display.
  3. What PSU do you have its seriously bad is it can't even boot to the bios, I assume you have double checked all connectors.
  4. There's a 20+4 (24 pins) PIN and a 4+4 (8 pins) PIN connected to the motherboard...I've unplugged and replugged with no luck.

    I know the PSU is a Rosewill...not sure about the model no. yet. And the watts are somewhere between 600 ~ 700. Voltage I believe said 100 ~ 240? I may have read the voltage wrong since I only glanced at it.
  5. Whats the full system spec?
  6. just out of curiosity, does the motherboard have a connection for a case speaker? some people get confused when there motherboard doesn't beep and they are missing the case speaker that makes the beeps. Some manufactures of pre-built systems mount a speaker directly to the board itself. and i have seen OLD systems use the speakers them selves (different than a case speaker) to play the beeps.
  7. I'll try and post all the information/specs tomorrow when I get home. I'm pretty sure it's not beeping at all...but now I'm curious about that so I'll have to check it out.

    Also, is it possible for a PSU not to be working...but to deliver power to everything? It seems unlikely.
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