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The nvidia logo case modding

Hey guys
i don't know where to post so i put it hear
If it does not belong here, please pass it to the right place
about 4-5 months ago i ask my self why there is no Nvidia logo case
there just cases from nvidia edition like this "CM 690 NVIDIA Edition Case" or "Stacker 830 Evolution NVIDIA Edition" .
i decided to build one by myself , and make it from wood because this is what all i have .
the time past and where i almost finish the case I found an ad at IOPANEL site (an israel professional hardware site) information about modding and OC competition
and i decided to join the competition , the competition was yesterday.
so her a photo of my case from there .

soon i will upload more picture of the case and the project
Would love to hear opinions on the case .

here is the full gallery , my all project
at the competition i took 3 place , i just forgot to tell you

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    Looks very nice! However, not very practical I suppose :). What is that left side of logo made of?
  2. the all case is made of wood
    the window that you see is made from plywood 3mm and perspex 1mm
    in the case i pot a low system just to show that is works
    the idea was to make this case and put it in salon room and use it like a HTCP
  3. i have posted a new photos of the project
    enjoy =)
  4. up....
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