FX-8350 running loud and hot

As the title states my FX-8350 runs hot.
Idles in the bios menu on the MSI 990FXA-GD80 at around 51 degrees.
I'm using the stock cooler, but still 51 degrees?
The motherboard runs at 35.
I have a corsair 700w psu and 7750 GPU.
Under load it crashes.
I picked the mobo and CPU up yesterday.
Windows 8 boots from my old sata drive.
However I am stumped.
The fan is noisy and runs at 5500rpm in the bios.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also could someone list a free program that shows what the cpu is running at in windows an the temp?
The shop I bought it from suggested I should and if I can't fix it take it back.
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    It may be as simple as reapplying the thermal paste. (cleaning the old stuff first of course)
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    As previously stated it is probably a bad thermal application. Which method did you use for applying it (ie pea, line, credit card) or did it come attached to the mobo from the shop?

    Once you've checked and repplied your thermal paste (less is more!) I would suggest resetting your bios to default settings and checking the CPU voltage is set correctly (mine's at 1.325 currently).

    I also recently had a bad bios flash that caused my CPU to overvolt and thus put the temps through the roof but I think that was a bit of a one-off. Would make sense to flash the latest bios if you don't have it though.

    What case are you using and how is your ventilation? I'd say the motherboard temperatures at boot are a little high as well.
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