Sub $200 Linux PC?

I am trying to find the cheapest possible solution to securely host an extremely small home web server and am considering a dedicated Ubuntu box. The web server is just for my own use to be able to monitor a piece of automation equipment I use for my smoker/grill. I have a Win7 home file server, but I'm concerned about exposing it to the web so I thought a dedicated Linux box that didn't have anything on it would be a good way to solve that. I've also thought about putting it on a VM, but I'm not sure that adequately protects my personal files on the host.

Approximate Purchase Date: This Month
Budget Range: Under $200 After Shipping
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Web Server
Are you buying a monitor: No
Do you need to buy OS: No. Using Linux
Location: Georgia
Overclocking: No
SLI or Crossfire: No
I have plenty of extra HD's and I don't need an optical drive.

I'm open to any other suggestions besides building one as well.

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  1. After giving this more thought, I think the best option is to upgrade my current HTPC File server to solve some of it's stability issues and have 2 NIC's so that I can have one with a dedicated VM and run Ubuntu inside the VM. I have been looking for a good excuse to update my HTPC build anyway and I think I just found it.

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