140$ AMD CPU

What AMD CPU can i get for 140$ tops? Using it for gaming.
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    If you need a integrated graphics this would do fine:
    if you need brute CPU power this would work too: albeit that one is almost borderline over budget

    and this one is a quad core instead of a hexacore Vishera

    Edit- Whoops wrong link.
  2. Whats the difference between the Hexa-core and Quad-core? Pros and cons?

    Also out of all three of those. Which one is BEST for gaming?
  3. depends on your motherboard socket.

    AM3+ - FX-6300

    FM2 - A10-5800K

    but if this is a totally new build, i recommend the FX-6300
  4. At $140, there really is NO competition.
    The FX-6300 is THE only chip to buy at that price range. Simply an outstanding chip :) You can't go wrong with it :)

    Edit - You can always convert your 6 core to the FX-4300, by disabling one module (2cores) and clocking the remaining ones upto 4GHz. However, there is no need to do this, as the FX-6300 in its default state is more than capable enough.
    Also, nowadays games are slowly starting to use more cores, and you don't wanna be stuck with a weak quad down the road. Look at the Crysis3 benchies for example, the game loves more cores, part of the reason why the hyperthreaded dual cored i3's perform like a fart in that game. :)

    The FX-6300 is also a very good multi-tasker, and in workloads that can use all 6 cores, it comes very very close to i5 levels of performance. Examples are video conversion, photo editing, winrar compression etc
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  6. Seriously guys, thank you SO much for the input :) I went with the 6300 btw :)
  7. I wish I had one :lol:

    Great choice!
  8. Good choice on the FX6300. Tomshardware having the FX4300 listed there when the FX6300 is like $10 more is obsured.
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