HD6670 on my old 2 rail 350W PSU.

So i've decided to get myself a new GPU. My old one is Geforce 9400gt. My PSU is a Fortron/source FSP350-60HLC. It's got 2 +12v rails. It's - +12v1 - 10A and +12v2 - 15A. So could this PSU run HD6670? If it can't I will buy some 500W PSU, but i just want to check if maybe i don't need to spend the money and my current PSU can handle it. :)
And btw my motherboard is M2R-FVM, I can install HD6670 on it, right?
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  1. It will work without any problems :). Fortron is a decent brand.
  2. Damn, really? :O Btw, the PSU is like 6-7 years old, will that affect it somehow? If I clean it out very carefully of all dust and stuff, that will make it better, right? :)
  3. Cleaning dust will lower temperatures ;). HD 6670 is a really low power card.
  4. Hmm, but in the AMD website it's written that it needs a minimum of 400W, so basically they're exaggerating?
  5. The M2R-FVM has one PCIe x16 slot so it will support the HD 6670.
  6. The FSP350-HLC should have no problems powering your PC with the new HD6670 GPU. The 6670 has a max TDP of 66W...actual power consumption will be lower. Total system[\u] power draw in testing at THG was 124W with a system using an i5 2500K and a single HD 6670: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-6570-radeon-hd-6670-turks,2925-15.html You can take a look at the test platform in the review too. What are the rest of your system's specs?
  7. Hmmm, that is fine so I will probably buy it. And would it be much difference in FPS if I took gddr3 or gddr5 GPU? The fact is the gddr5 cost like 40$ more from where I can get it. :/
    My current specs are like this, it's pretty old pc -
    OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
    CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (2.0ghz)
    Ram - 2gb ddr2
    GPU - Geforce 9400 GT
    Motherboard - m2r-fvm
    PSU- Fortron/source FSP350-60HLC
  8. aamatniekss said:
    Hmm, but in the AMD website it's written that it needs a minimum of 400W, so basically they're exaggerating?

  9. GDDR5 version is around 15% faster.
  10. Hmm, ok thanks for the help. I probably won't spend the extra 40$ for the gddr5 version. Still I think the gddr3 version will improve over my 9400GT quite a lot.
  11. The GDDR5 is worth about a 10% performance boost over GDDR3. Not likely worth a $40 premium over the GDDR3. If you were going to go for the GDDR5 then it's likely you could simply get a better GPU like the 6770 for significantly better performance. Your PSU would handle the 6770, but you'd have to use a molex-PCIe adapter to get the required 75W 6-pin PCIe power connector.
  12. Hmm, no I will take the HD6670 gddr3 version then. :) I don't need any adapters for it, right?
    Thanks a lot for your help guys! :) Great forum this is, quick answers and very detailed. :)
  13. Ok thanks a lot! That is awesome! :)) Can't wait to get it. :)
  14. Yes, you don't need any adapters for HD 6670.
  15. I think you can even slap a 7750 there.


    7750 - 55w
    6670 - 66w
  16. Well, i don't really have the money for it. :/ So I will have to take the 6670 anyways. ;)
  17. aamatniekss said:
    Hmm, but in the AMD website it's written that it needs a minimum of 400W, so basically they're exaggerating?

    Yes and the reason for that is that there are tons of crappy PSUs out there that can reliably provide only a fraction of what is claimed on the label. The inflated figures are set high enough above the typical crappy PSU actual capabilities to hopefully avoid problems.

    If all PSUs were rated for long-term continuous power, most people would be perfectly fine with 250-350W PSUs.
  18. Oh, so now I will know not to really trust them. :D

    And btw one more quick question. I will be able to run most of the todays games with HD6670 and my current specs at 1680x1050 resolution, and low settings, at atleast 30 fps right?
  19. Look at medium-high settings on most games. Only in demanding ones you'll have to turn settings down :).
  20. Damn that would be epic.. I really don't need the setting to high/ultra and stuff. The resolution at 1680x1050, is even enough for me, but if I can get that, it will be amazing. xD
  21. Hello again!
    One more question about this GPU.
    So there's this thing with multiple card creators, or I don't know how to call it. Would it really matter if I took XFX, MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS or Sapphire card? I saw like the XFX got 600mhz memory clock, and the msi got like 1333mhz, ASUS got 1600mhz. Everything else is basically the same. And again would it be much change if I took the XFX not the ASUS for example? Or ASUS all the way?
  22. Are you sure XFX isn't DDR3 and others have GDDR5? GDDR5 cards are more expensive but they are 15% faster.
  23. No im talking about all DDR3 cards. When I checked the specs for GDDR5 it showed 4000mhz memory clock. 0.o
  24. Yea then the one with higher memory clock will be the fastest.
  25. Hmm, ok, then I'll take the one with the highest memory clock. But just for interest, how big the performance changes would be comparing the 600mhz one with 1333mhz one?
  26. They are probably calculating differently, so I guess it would be something like 1200 vs 1333. You'll get few frames per second I guess.
  27. Hmm, ok, and thanks again for the quick answers! :)
  28. Ok, sorry for this, but I've got another question.
    Considering I've got a very old CPU (AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (2.0ghz) ), won't it bottleneck the HD6670?
  29. Ouch, it's a very old CPU as well. But even if it bottlenecks, you've got nothing to lose: weaker cards costs the same, and CPU bottlenecking only means that your GPU isn't using its full potential.

    However, HD 6670 is a low end card as well, so I think you'll be fine ;).
  30. But I will experience atleast some performance increase, even if it bottlenecks, right? :D
  31. aamatniekss said:
    But I will experience atleast some performance increase, even if it bottlenecks, right? :D

    Either that or you will be at least able to increase graphics details by using more advanced filtering, enabling more advanced shaders and other features that have little to no impact on CPU usage.
  32. Well, good enough for me. xD Ok enough then, I'll just buy it and see how it actually is. :) If it's bad together with my current CPU, then I'll just change that too. :)
    Thanks for all the help! :)
  33. Glad I helped ;). And yeah, you will see a huge increase in the performance nonetheless.
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