Help needed! PC shuts down and restarts randomly

Hey everybody I just built my first pc last week on presidents day and everything went fine and was working until today. Every time I play a game, the pc will randomly shut off and restart on its own. I'm not really sure whats wrong because it was working just fine. Any help would be great!

Parts in my build:

CPU: Intel i7 3770k Overclocked at 4.2ghz

GPU: XFX Double D HD7970 GHz Edition 3GB

Motherboard: MSI Z77A-GD65

PSU: SeaSonic X-Series 850w Gold plus

RAM: 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600

SSD: Kingston Hyper X 120gb

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

Optical Drive: LG Blue ray burner
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  1. set things back to stock. what happens? ( reset cmos )
  2. Yes I tried setting my cpu back to stock and it still shuts down and resets. Could it be the psu or something?
  3. remove, clean up and reapply thermal to heat sink. reinstall. ( did you install the heat sink when the board was out of the case? )

    other thing I would do is under clock the video cards ram and processor speed. ( can do that in the CCC )
  4. Ok, yea I installed the ram, cpu, heat sink out of the case. Ok but wouldn't that give me less fps in games? I don't know why it's happening, it was fine for about a week and half.
  5. maybe if the heat-sink wasn't really set properly ( maybe 1 pin not pushed through and "locked" ) might be enough for the processor to heat up. also remember that with these processors Intel, in their infinite wisdom, decided to change the way they cooled them ( paste under cap ) over clocking these will do more harm faster than over clocking the previous. ( SB )

    under clocking the video card will eliminate heat. sometimes the OC's are pushed to their limit and slightly backed off. if it passes, regardless of how close they are to crashing, the card will pass. Sometimes inadequate cooling of the circuitry will hurt and so will inadequate air flow.
  6. Ah I see well I didnt manually oc the cpu, I just used OC Genie II on the motherboard. The hottest that the cou gets while playing is about 55 to 60 C and the the hottest that the gpu git while playing is 68C, not sure if that is hot enough for it to shut down and restart?
  7. if you don't start trying stuff we're not going to get anywhere. not like your machine is sitting on my bench or anything.
  8. Ok I reinstalled the cpu heatsink and i still have the same problem. Not quite sure how to under clock the gpu.
  9. in the CCC under amd overdrive.
  10. ok, do i just disable "graphics overdrive"?
  11. open the catalyst control panel. look for performance or something. you'll be looking for amd overdrive.......... maybe it'll say over clocking or something. don't remember and don't have the ccc on this machine. there will be sliders to move. just back of 50Mz on the processor and ram. save it if you have to and try things out.

    open up the CCC and look around.

    should be something that looks like a key and a box you have to put a check mark in.
  12. yea found it, its under Performance>amd overdrive, thank you i'll have to test it out tomorrow. doing HW right now on my pc and i dont want it to shut off.
  13. Ok I underclocked my gpu and it seems to be working now, I played an entire battlefield 3 game without it shutting down and restarting, before I could only play like 3 minutes into a game. Thanks for all the help!
  14. glad to hear it. but that also means the card can't run at the specs that were promised ( and/or ) the card might end up dying prematurely. I would consider an RMA, but that's up to you.
  15. Oh ok, well I can still play BF3 on Ultra but how would it die prematurely, and if that's the case I think I may RMA it.
  16. the card is supposed to run at the speed it was advertised. It obviously can't which means something is not right. Whether it's a chip problem or a bad memory problem is anybody's guess. If you feel comfortable with it keep it. but you know whatever was plaguing the machine has been found.
  17. Yea thats true, I'm probably going to rma it but the only thing is that newegg doesn't have anymore in stock and I dont want to have to wait for a long period of time without one. If they dont get it in stock soon I may just get a refund, do you have any ideas which 7970 gpu is a good one to get?
  18. I always thought they tried to send the same one back? but I also think you only have 30days to rma. after that you need to send it to XFX. If you haven't registered it yet you better do it. ( xfx )

    I see they're pretty wiped out at newegg. gigabyte aren't bad if you can have them switch to that?? your call. Surprised to see HIS cards there. Haven't seen them for a while. Never had problems with those either. don't know what to tell you.
  19. Well on the website it says this, "Out-of-Stock (Back-Order) Items
    If Newegg no longer carries an item that is sent in for replacement, or if that item is simply out of stock, the item will be sent to our Back-Order RMA Department. You will be notified via email of two options: 1) Newegg can send you a comparable replacement item, or 2) Newegg can issue you a refund at the current market value of the product. A current-market-value refund may not exceed the original invoice price. If the item is returned within 30 days of the original invoice date, a full refund will be issued." So I can get a refund and buy another or replace it for a similar costing one but I don't know which one. The reason why I chose the card was because I plan on watercooling in the future and removing the heatsink on the gpu doesn't void warranty with them.
  20. if it's under the 30 day warranty ( rma ) I wouldn't waste time thinking about it.

    talk to somebody from newegg over the phone. it really helps.
  21. Yea its still under the 30 day warranty, I purchased it on the 17 th of last month. I'm still not sure whether to get xfx again or another brand
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