Want to Upgrade my 8800 Ultra, What To Get?

I currently have a superclocked 758mb ddr3 8800 Ultra Video Card and I am looking to upgrade. I notice that when I play Starcraft 2 multiplayer on some big maps (Risk, Line Tower Wars, Etc.) the card lags a bit and eventually overheats. I have my Starcraft settings on Medium. I want to get a new card and spend $100-$150. I know the 8800 is still pretty decent even today and I would like to upgrade to something significantly better. Here are my specs:

Quad Core Extreme 3.0Ghz CPU
4 Gb DDR 3 RAM
300 Gb 7200 RPM Hard Drive
500 Watt Power Supply (With two 6 pin PCI)
Windows 7 64 Bit
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  1. the radeon hd6850 or the hd7770 is your best bet in this scenario.. both perform similarly in games and the hd7770 actually fares better in directx 11 based games..both cards will give you good performance at 1080p in most games on high not max settings.. HIS is my preferred brand and their ICEQ TURBO X cards run really cool and quiet and come factory overclocked
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