AMD A10-5900k Video Signal Problems

I assembled the computer with an asrock motherboard and when I power it on no beeps or anything. But for some reason I'm not getting signal to my monitor and I have tried multiple monitors. Trying to determine if its a CPU problem or motherboard. Any ideas?
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  1. I think you mean an A10-5800K :)

    Have you checked all your power cables from the PSU to the MOBO. Are the RAM sticks and other stuff fixed in properly? You'll have to do a step by step check.
    Worst case, your motherboard maybe DOA !
  2. Yes 5800k sorry. Yeah I checked over all the cables but I dont have a DVI cable to test to see if for some reason the VGA port may be bad. Im gonna get a DVI cable and try it tomorrow. Thanks for the reply. I hope its not the motherboard. If it is DOA I wonder if newegg will charge me shipping to replace it.
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