Help in upgrading my old PC!!! ^^

Processor : AMD Athlon II x2 245
RAM : 4GB kingston
PSU: ordinary 450W
GPU : Geforce 9400GT

im planning to upgrade my GPU to HD 6850
i would like to test my rig before replacing most of the parts, i know most of the components are cheap one's.
im planning to upgrade MOBO, PSU, and CPU, but i would like to see if upgrading my GPU will satisfy my needs as a gamer.

1) will my CPU bottleneck my GPU HD6850?
2) is it worth to wait for the 4th gen Intel CPU or just upgrade my CPU to Athlon x4 900 series?
3) what's the best MOBO you would recommend with a USB 3.0. i dont like to OC my PC so a mid range MOBO maybe?

thank in advance. i really appreciate feedback from you guys. GOD BLESS^^
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  1. 1.Yes
    2.Wait,save for something decent
    3.b75 and a core i3
  2. You'd probably also need a new power supply.
  3. Looking at your build, I think your upgrade path goes like this:

    1. New power supply
    2. New video card (this will be bottlenecked some, but thats ok for a little while if soon after you get -
    3. new CPU, Mobo --Start fresh with a new chipset.

    A new video card will give you some performance boost now - because that 9400GT is ancient. Your system won't fully take advantage of it, but thats ok if you are planning to upgrade the rest of it soon anyhow.
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