Are these two computer parts compatible

Hi i now how to bild a gaming pc but i don't know
which parts go thogether / are compatible

Please guys help me out !


AMD FX Series FX-6200
Laying: FM1
Tact: 3800 MHz / 4100 MHz boost
SIX core, core Zambezi
6 MB L2 memory, TDP 95 W


Chip : AMD 990X
ATX Plaform:
FX™/Phenom™II /Athlon™II /Sempron™
laying AM3+
Memory :
4x DUAL DDR3 2 2133(O.C.)/1866/
1600/1333/1066 , up to 32GB

Are these two ompatible and can you please suggest some good parts to go with these !

HardDrive :Must be 1 tb
Memory:Must be 8 gb
GraphicsCard:Must be Good for :BF3/CODMW3..
Case:IDK You probablly know

Thank you !
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  2. FX-6200 uses the AM3 socket, not the FM2 socket. If you want to use FM2, you will need something like the A10-5800K.
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