Asus HD7850 white screen on startup

I'v just bought an Asus HD 7850 from amazon!
I installed it by my self just plugged it to my Gigabyte G41A MOBO (yeah i know its old...),
then plugged the PCiE 6 pin to my PSU 500W and saw the green light then i connected my monitor to it..
after i power my computer i hear the beep and the screen turns on and gives me a white screen..
even though the computer keeps booting i get to the windows and everything is functional but the monitor keeps showing a white screen..
what seem to be the problem?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It could well be a faulty card, is there any chance that you could test the graphics card in another system?
  2. i sloved it my self..
    the problem was the cable from the monitor to the card..
    its now working perfectly : )
  3. Good, glad you fixed it :)
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