Stable Intel Q9400 Overclock

Im just wondering if i can overclock my Intel Q9400 without having issues with temperature and constantly testing it to see if it is stable

Im hoping to get between 2.8 and maybe 3.1Ghz for a performance boost.

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  1. First off get an aftermarket cooler and seeing as I am sitting pretty at 3.0Ghz on a Q6600 in my back up (stock 2.4Ghz) i think 3.0Ghz + is easily attainable from your Q9400
  2. If you work with the CPU voltage on manual and find the stable lowest voltage, a mild to moderate overclock is possible on stock cooling if you have decent case airflow.
  3. There are a lot of architectures you can get away with that on but in my humble opinion core 2 is most definitely not one of them. In my experiences with this architecture is that they run fairly hot under load at stock settings but as soon as any additional voltage is added the temperature climbs radically. For example my Q6600 (GO Revision) is stock 2.4Ghz @ 1.15-1.25v and temps on the stock cooler are around 35 idle and 55-60c load. When first overclocking this chip I attempted a 600 Mhz overclock with voltage only +.10 to 1.25-1.35 and the idle temperature went to 45-50 and load temps increased to 75-80c. I added a zalman CNPS cooler and the temps dropped back down to 30ish idle and a max load temp under prime 95 of 60c
  4. it depends on the setup, I did it with a b3 q6600 that I used to have. A had a really good board so voltage regulation was great. That said, I got 3.0ghz on stock volts with a linear temperature increase with frequency on stock cooling. That was until I needed more and purchased an aftermarket cooler,lol
  5. plus dude, .1 increase is a lot for a 3.0ghz overclock. Most boards can do 3.0ghz on 1.25 to 1.30 max. Just my 2 cents
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