I5-3570k Running 100% usage but 60C max temp when playing games

i5-3570k stock
Gigabyte windoforce GTX 670 OC
Asus P8Z77 V-PRO

I just Use CPUID HW Monitor and the Task manager's resource monitor, which tells me the Cpu goes between 80-100% when running a game like Battlefield, and it runs on 100% when I play Crisis 3. I can play on ultra on BF3 60 fps just fine but I can harldy get on medium without massive frame drops on Crysis3. The CPU runs at around 65C MAX and GPU 68C MAX, which seem fine to me. Is this a Cpu bottleneck? What have I done wrong? What are the best benchmarking software?
I'm also confused by how the fps, hardware temps, and usage relate to each other. Any help would be gladly appreciated. Any link to a guide should also do, thank you.
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  1. no bottle neck in u r system. to get more heat just oc processor, ram,gpu,.
  2. hytecgowthaman said:
    no bottle neck in u r system. to get more heat just oc processor, ram,gpu,.

    so what you're saying is that by overclocking these components I should get a considerable gain in performance? Before doing so I'll probably upload some temps, as well as the case management which seems to be a terrible mess. And If I remember correctly A quarter of the cpu was not covered in thermal paste at all, while the bottom was perfect, it's been nagging at me, don't know if that is a problem or not.
    Is it ok to run the Cpu at such full load? the fans seem to be screaming at times during intense play. I'm using the Carbide 500R with the 3 fans connected to the stock controller that came with it, am thinking of changing the fans and adding another at the top.
    My biggest priority is to making Crysis 3 AT LEAST playable, since I spent a whopping 80 on the cool edition....
    What is the Quickest way of doing so, because if your telling me to OC I'll need to do some research to get comfortable, just looking to avoid that for now.
    THanks for the reply.
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