Need Advice/Suggestions for upgrading PC

The PC is fairly old-ish. about 4-5 years old. Not too long ago the video card died and PSU began slowly killing itself off as well. Henceforth, I decided it's time to do some slight updates, unfortunately, with my 'fairly poor' knowledge on these things I will need some help.

My budget is not big, so I can't afford to just build a brand new rig instead. Around 300/400 euros is something I am willing to put in. 570~ euros is as far as I am able to go.

Anyway, I wish to buy a new Video card, PSU, and a HDD around 1TB~ in order to make this machine a bit more up-to-date gaming thingy.

PSU: Micase SR500 (500W) -
Wish to get something a little more 'spike friendly' as the power income is spiky every now and then. And in terms of power, 600/700W (if that's ok, of course. Or at least enough to run the machine smoothly.) and as 'friendly' as possible. Heard enough storries how some dieing PSU can bring down the entire system along with it.

Video card: GeForce 8600GT 256MB, DDR3, 128-bit (64x2) -
Seeking something GeForce that would be able to run any new game for a few more gens/years. Don't really need something very powerfull as 660ti (think that's a bit of a overkill for my machine and bit off budget anyway), just enough to run most of the games on med/high-ish smoothly.

HDD: samsung HD501LJ ATA 500GB -
Yet available is 170~GB. Clearly not enough to hold much games and HD Movies. Not to mention the speed of it.

The rest I will leave as it is.

Motherboard: ASUS P5B-V
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @2.40GHz

Additional info:
Windows 7 Ultimate x64bit
Monitor 1440x900 (LG flatron W1942S) w/ D-SUB/VGA

Surely I'd just buy some stuff with my own 'knowledge', like a geforce 460 (which is no where to be found anymore :D ), the thing is I want it all to run smoothly and hopefully without any malfuncions with my existing mobo, cpu, and ram. The least I want is to bang my head on the wall and regret buying them.

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  1. you can easily build a whole new system based on new technology for the max amount you want to spend

    read through the forum threads, there's lots of people doing the same thing
  2. Yeah, as the other guy said, you may as well buy a whole new system. But I do have some suggestions for a new PSU, GPU, and HDD. These are in my build for a new PC i'm building myself for Christmas. I'm not sure how many Euros this would all cost, but it would definitely be a lot less than your maximum budget.




    That graphics card is great, and can run all games (BF3 and Crysis 2 included) on maxed out settings with a decent processor to go with it. But if you're willing to spend more, definitely feel free to invest in a more expensive card.
  3. I guess I'd go for a 560 or something similar, although I am concerned about it bottlenecking with my current cpu. And I do not wish to overlock it. Been thinking about 260, but apparently these are extinct as well as 460.

    Right now I wish to save as much as I can, so buying a new PC is something I will do when I loose all hope on upping this one.
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