Upgrade my pc for gaming

CPU: Xeon dual core 2ghz 5130
Ram: 3GB Gpu:
msi Ge force gt 630 4GB
Upgrade for gaming maybe crisis 3

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  1. You will need a full platform upgrade to be able to play crysis 3

    What is your budget? and parts do you need?

    List of usual parts

    HDD, PSU, CPU, GPU, RAM , MB, Cooler (if OCing), case , OS, screen and optical drive
  2. if you dont want to change the motherboard you are locked to old technology. these are your options
    ntel Quad-Core Xeon E/X/L 5xxx
    Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9775

    but a lot of places no longer sell them brand new, so check your suppliers. you may have to go to ebay!
    I would upgrade your ram to 8gb
    a GT630 isnt that good, look to get a ATI 7850 if you have PCI e 2.0 or better
  3. Thanks, my computer can run bf3 and I think I will upgrade the cpu and the ram to 8gb. Do you think I can run games better then or will it matter if i upgrade to two gt 630 4gb graphic cards. What should i upgrade first because I don't think I will upgrade everything at once.
  4. My budget is about 200 us dollar's and i can go a bit higher.
  5. The 630 isn't really a gaming card and if I am not mistaken, does not have SLI connectors so that is out the question anyway. If you want to play Crysis 3, I say start saving up for a new PC. Depending on your other system specs, at minimum, you will need Motherboard, CPU, Ram, and a GPU.
  6. But if i change CPU and ram does it work With that graphic card because it's kind of new and i dosen't want to pay so much for this
  7. All current graphics cards are PCI-E and will work in any motherboard with a PCI-E graphics slot.
  8. This is my sepcs in my computer and i think it looks like it can take two graphic cards but will it improve my gaming performance with two msi geforce gt 630 4gb

  9. Or is there any way that i could have that graphic card or what card do you suggest and i want it to run medal of honor warfighter to. The cheapest one that can run it good.
  10. But can my graphic card take it. What Shuld i upgrade First that Will help My games
  11. Well given that your CPU doesn't even meet the minimum requirements, that needs to go first. What motherboard do you have? Also, what is your general location. If there is a Microcenter nearby, that might change up your options some.
  12. if you cant understand the previous posts. then you should do some reading. and then come back. you've been told what you can do
    upgrade the cpu and ram and video card. or just get a new PC
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